— Atif Javed

Executive Director

Atif is served as an interpreter for his own refugee and immigrant family and graduated from MIT during the height of the Syrian refugee crisis. When the travel ban was announced, he left his job as a Product Manager to launch Tarjimly, an app that now helps thousands of refugees and humanitarian workers overcome language barriers globally. He was awarded Forbes 30 Under 30, SVBJ’s 40 Under 40, the Echoing Green Fellowship, the MIT Martin Luther King Jr. Service Award, and was featured in Forbes and TechCrunch after launching Tarjimly with Y Combinator.


— Aziz Alghunaim

Chief Technology Officer

Aziz leads Tarjimly’s product development leveraging the latest technologies in communication and machine learning to increasing the efficiency of humanitarian services and global volunteering. Previously, he worked as a Software Engineer for Palantir Technologies in Silicon Valley enabling data-driven decision making in finance, aircraft manufacturing, and oil & gas. He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from MIT, with a focus on Machine Learning. He is a Y Combinator Alum, Echoing Green fellow, and a Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee for Social Entrepreneurship.


— Fadi Hindi

Head of Partnerships & Strategy

Fadi is a partnerships and recruiting specialist at Tarjimly bringing business development experience from Box and private consulting. He is also from an Iraqi refugee family and you can read his full story.


— Nadeen Abuhasan

Head of Design

Nadeen is the lead graphic and UI designer for Tarjimly, graduate of Simmons college, and brings experience as a UI designer from ____.


— Name


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